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Learn how to source and accelerate revenue
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It's time to change the conversation.

We have all been told to sell to the C-suite, but few of us were taught HOW to execute this in the way that resonates with executives. The C-suite is always in the market for business guidance and ideas that optimize shareholder/business results, and we must sell in this context.

Kensei has taught over 16,000 sales people—and the roles that directly and indirectly support them—across 33 countries, how to speak the language of the C-level, in the business dialect, and guide due diligence as objectively as a neutral third-party.

The Three Pillars of Sales Execution

Kensei is a globally-focused B2B Sales training and consulting firm that specializes in closing the three most prevalent execution gaps that limit profitable revenue acquisition and sales’ professional legitimacy.
B2B Sales is a
Financial Profession

We are measured and paid based on one critical financial KPI: Revenue.If we are not successfully selling the net cash flows that our assets create relative to the relevant value drivers, we are just harvesting demand vs. creating revenue.

B2B Sales is a
Linguistic Profession

Language is our primary control path in B2B Sales and how we speak either illuminates or betrays our competencies. Speaking in a relevant business dialect is essential to engaging, guiding, and persuading executives to make meaningful investments in our business assets.

B2B Sales is
Program Management

No one cares about your sales process, but they absolutely care about the scope, stakeholder time and effort, the work breakdown structure and critical path required for successful due diligence. We must guide as if we were a paid third party or risk the mushroom management that is reserved for vendors.

Next-level B2B sales.

"Eric just really teaches beautifully how to have an outcome-based conversation that supports a C-level exec to make a very difficult decision and make it with data."

Nancy Martin,
Sales Performance Consultant, SAP America

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